dental implants fairbanks AK

Dental Implants That Create a Beautiful Smile

Dental implants are fast becoming the favored alternative to dentures, and the Fairbanks, Alaska area is no exception. A great dentist can evaluate a patient’s personal situation to determine whether they are a candidate for this procedure. An implant is a tooth replacement technique that looks and feels more natural than traditional dentures or bridges.

When teeth are lost to illness, gum disease, injury, or other event, this can ultimately alter the structure of the face and bone mass. The bony structure in the face behind the gums that anchors the teeth is called the alveolar. If a tooth is lost, over time the body reabsorbs the alveolar bones. This causes the face to change in structure and eventually causes a sunken look around the mouth and lips, giving an aged appearance. Leaving even one space open from losing a single tooth can lead not only to bone loss, but also a shifting and crowding of the remaining teeth. Implants can be done only before this reabsorption takes place, but the procedure will preserve the bones and stop the bone loss, helping to preserve a more youthful look.

Dental Implants With Advanced Technology in Fairbanks

With traditional partial dentures, natural teeth can be weakened. The partial is usually anchored by a metal band to the healthy structures. The process of chewing, removing the plate for cleaning purposes, and other wear and tear with daily life eventually can damage the remaining anchors. The situation is similar with a non-removable bridge, which make the adjacent teeth more prone to tooth decay and are difficult to adequately clean. When bridges are installed in the mouth, the natural ones often will need to be filed or altered in some way, leading to the issues with decay or bacteria being able to erode the enamel.

The life span for a partial plate is only a few years, and bridges often begin to fail within 15 years. The dentist can use the implantation technology to create new teeth that will last a lifetime. The post, which is connected into the bones, is made of titanium. This metal has a unique way of bonding with organic bone for an incredibly strong and safe anchor. There is no damage to surrounding chompers, no need for adjustments, and no need for denture pastes. These replacements are cleaned and maintained just like the original ones, simply by brushing and flossing as normal.

Cost-effective and Smile-effective

While implants may seem expensive at first, they are truly more cost effective than the traditional options offered by the dentist. Not only do dentures wear out and need to be replaced at times, but occasionally the wear and tear can also lead to more extractions, root canals, or decay which will require even more expensive and time-consuming treatment. This can lead to the necessity for new and more falsies added to the plate, or a switch to a full denture. Over time, the benefits and savings realized through the implantation, whether it is just one or many, far exceeds any savings in the short term. Furthermore, once the alveolar is gone, it may be too late to choose. A dentist can evaluate a great personal choice for a lifelong smile.

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