Sedation Dentistry in Fairbanks AK

sedation dentistry Fairbanks ak

People who need dental work in Fairbanks, Alaska and aren’t aware of sedation dentistry options often avoid getting the procedure done because they believe it’s going to be painful.  As the situation gets worse, they expect more pain, so they continue to ignore it, hoping the situation somehow fixes itself.  But, the situation won’t fix itself. This cycle of denial and procrastination will only lead to a larger problem with a bigger cost.

Patients in Fairbanks who find themselves in this cycle can be helped with one of the many methods of dental sedation possible. Dental sedation is appropriate for most patients, and it can make the difference between a simple problem turning into a much bigger problem. 

What Is Dental Sedation?

There are different levels of sedation available, and they have different effects:

-A local anesthetic is the level of sedation most people are familiar. They have probably experienced this during prior dental visits.  Patients are conscious during the procedure, and they can talk to the dentist.

-Local anesthetic with nitrous oxide is the next level of sedation. The nitrous oxide is used to calm anxious patients. Like local anesthetic, the patient remains awake during the procedure.

-The next level of sedation is anesthetic delivered by an IV in the dental office.  The patient is completely unconscious.

-The highest level of sedation is during oral surgery, where the patient is treated in a hospital, and an anesthesiologist administers the anesthetic.  This is used only for the most severe cases of dental repair.

The fear of pain and discomfort shouldn’t be a concern.  Patients can be comforted to whatever level is appropriate for them.

What Level of Sedation?

A two-step process determines the level of sedation.  First, the dentist will give the patient a professional opinion of how much sedation is necessary for the implant. The second step is an assessment of the patient’s ability to tolerate discomfort, and how apprehensive the patient is about the procedure. 

The dentist needs to make sure the patient won’t be so uncomfortable that the procedure is delayed or can’t be completed.  Determining the necessary level of sedation helps the dentist as much as it helps the patient.

Is It Safe?

Yes! Dental sedation is very safe.  The practice of sedation has been around for over a 100 years, and the technology has advanced over the past century.  Millions of people have undergone major dental procedures using one form of sedation or another.  Sedation is used around the world and has been approved by numerous medical organizations.

In addition to that, the level of sanitation, hygiene, and medical safety is the same in dental offices as it would be in a hospital or medical clinic.  Only the safest equipment is used, and the health care providers are trained in the best ways to administer the sedation.  The patient’s health and vital signs are continuously monitored during the procedure.

Also, not every dentist can administer all levels of sedation.  Dentists who use sedation must pass a rigorous training and testing process and follow strict guidelines and rules of their local, state, and federal governments.  Additionally, there are rules from the American Dental Association and their state Dental boards they have to follow. On a regular basis, all dentists have to undergo extensive retraining and evaluation.

Dental Health is Part of The Health Journey

People who have been putting off getting dental work done should contact a dental professional. Sedation is common in dentistry, and it’s got a proven track record of safety. Good dental health not only makes a mouth look and feel better, but it is a part of the overall health of a person. Major health problems have been linked to unhealthy teeth and gums, so ignoring them can lead to an overall decline in a person’s health.

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